Two Tone handles now available.  Utilizing our unique and programmable powder paint line, we are able to offer customers a two tone paint scheme which brings a new look to a metal handle.

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American Select Tubing, LLC is a small diameter (21mm - 1 1/8"), thin wall metal tubing manufacturer located in Mattoon, Illinois.

American Select Tubing specializes in the manufacture and sale of metal handles to the broom, brush and mop industry, as well as the tool trade.  This market demands a supplier who can deliver a quality product with minimal lead time.  American Select Tubing has been developed to specifically address those needs.

The manufacturing process is comprised of high-speed roll-forming and induction welding of full-hard steel tubes.  A selection of coatings can be applied and customer-specific fittings added to produce a high quality handle to customer specifications.

Our current product line includes metal handles in 21mm, 22mm, 23.5mm (15/16), 25mm (1”) and 28.5mm (1 1/8") diameters for applications ranging from household use, to industrial and commercial use.   A variety of coating options can be chosen which include powder coating, plastic coating, two coat high gloss plastic coating and a wood grain plastic coating.  Customized plastic coating rib patterns are also available.

In addition to custom products, we also stock a number of common items.